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If you are a member of a police force visiting this website, you are likely are wondering what AAAPPP is about and what impact it is aims to bring to policing in the UK and your work personally and as an organization.

It may be a long way to go before any police force will seriously consider AAAPPP as a prominent organization fighting against abuse of power, and it is a hope of those behind AAAPPP that at some point of time police forces will consider us as their partner rather than opponent, just like they do with, for example, Crime Stoppers.

AAAPPP is not an organization for pursuing anger against police forces and their members. Its aim is to underpin the principles of accountability for police forces and their members, with process that will inevitably benefit the forces themselves and the public.

There are many people floating in an uncontrollable anger and ‘hatred’ about police, in some cases – with good reasons, but exaggerated by personal trauma and frustrating often life changing experiences. It is the purpose of AAAPPP to, on the one hand, allow those people to find peace, and, on the other hand, prevent the maintenance of precursor conditions that cause and allow the abuse of power to happen.

AAAPPP is not created to institutionalize something it fights against – abusive and intentionally damaging application of a coordinated system against members of police forces. Instead, its target is to further develop, maintain and underpin principles of accountability for anyone who considers for a second inherent to his or her public office as a personal armour and / or weapon against other individuals affected by the wrong of such a public servant.

The principles of AAAPPP are strongly differentiating the wrong by individual members of police forces from the forces themselves and are campaigning for police forces to have the same approach. The most unwanted and damaging for the public interest scenario is a police force that underpins wrongful conduct by its officers for whatever reasons – nepotism, reputational considerations or a desire to put issue under the carpet so as to save resources.

Any police force facing wrongdoing by a member of staff can rely on AAAPPP as an organization being on the same side as long as it does not wilfully cover and facilitate the wrong of its members and is ready to adequately compensate the victims of the wrongdoing.