AAAPPP is launched

Today we launch AAAPPP – the Association Against Abuse of Police Powers and Privileges, an organisation aimed to address the issues of misconduct and corruption in the UK’s police forces. AAAPPP is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation which will work in the field of addressing failures of the system of safeguards against corruption in police forces by way of helping victims of it and informational activity targeted to reduce the rates of misconduct in police forces.

The UK has a wonderful system of safeguards against serious corruption, existing in the legislation, which, however, faces sometimes lamentable and even sinister reality in the practical implementation of those. The incompetence of the IOPC added by sometimes existent wilful turning a blind eye on misconduct of police officers by the Professional Standards Departments of police forces undermines confidence of the public in policing and causes much of pain of those caught into trap between incompetence and malice of what normally would be called the ‘safeguards’ against corruption.

The word “association” in the name of AAAPPP is having the sense of the organisation’s targeting to  provide an informational support and platform for those affected and suffering from police’s misconduct and wilful cover up of it, to unite and obtain the voice which would be heard across the country and respected by the police forces. AAAPPP invites members of the civil society to unite and raise their voice against misconduct in public office when it is being done by such a powerful and potentially damaging one as the Police.

Police forces are playing a very crucial and invaluable role in any society and, in the UK, are having a lot of challenges such as budget cuts, risky work environment and countless others. However, it does not mean that police officers deserve any special treatment when it comes to wilful wrongdoing. Being a policeman does not mean being above the law.

It is the ultimate goal of AAAPPP to create an environment and a platform which would allow those affected by police misconduct to minimise their suffering from abuse of power and malice, and for police forces to obtain a trusted partner in mutual fighting inappropriate conduct and cleaning their rows from those wilfully and deliberately committing misconduct and abuse of power and privileges inherent for their office.